Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cake Up-sizer...who knew?

Today I discovered something new.  Did you know that boxed cake mixes have gotten smaller in recent years?
I had no idea.

Here are two instances where it might actually cause a problem:
1.  Making a recipe that calls for a boxed cake mix
2.  You need 24 cupcakes and can barely get 22 out of the mix!

I came across this little discovery while browsing Pinterest for a sewing pattern.  (Yes, yes, my mind wanders from one thing to another while in Pinterest--just like yours does.)   This lady had an ingenious idea to come up with a mixture to make up for the missing 3 ounces of cake mix.  Go to her blog to get the recipe for the mixture.  You'll thank me later.

Go here to Make A Jar of Cake "Up-Sizer"

Click photo to get the recipe!

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