Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Spicy Mess No More!

Ok. So, yes, I'm super behind on blogging anything lately.  I have had many thoughts of "oh, I should type up something about that and post it to my blog" but alas, time gets away from me with two little ones these days.  This post is super short, so I had time to post it up quickly.

I was doing some morning reading online and when I was finished I jumped on Pinterest to look for a valentine's craft to occupy my little guy this morning.  (Don't judge the amount of pins and likes I have; I often jump on Pinterest when nursing.) Back to the topic at hand--the shelf I keep all of our kitchen spices is a total disaster. I can never find what I need quickly.  This pin spoke directly to me.  I don't know how I didn't come up with something like this sooner, since I actually do have something similar for boxed pasta and rice in my pantry, but for whatever reason it never occured to me to organize my lesser-used spices! I read this and BAM!  I now have a system for the spices I rarely use.

I took the idea one step further and typed up a quick list of what spices are actually in the basket.  This is helpful when I need something that I think I have, but in reality I probably just thought about buying it at some point.  We also have the amazing, wonderful Dekalb International Farmers Market not too far from our house where I buy some of my spices in bulk.  These containers stack great, but I have to take them all out to get what I'm looking for.  These are also on the list I created.

Here's to trying to organize my life one small step at a time! (My BIG job of cleaning and organizing our Florida room starts this weekend!  Say a prayer for me.)

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