Sunday, August 2, 2015

Preschool Planning & Resources

This is a place for notes and links for our upcoming preschool year.  It's simply a resource for me (and others) to find things quickly.

Preschool Mom:  Theme based search to find lessons and ideas

Easy Peasy Homeschool:  This link takes you to the alphabet curriculum.

ABC Jesus Loves Me:  Homeschool curriculum listed by week.  Bible teaching curriculum.

Allternative Learning:  Theme listed ideas

Everything Preschool:  List of 170 Preschool Themes

Pinch of Perfect:  Preschool A-Z ideas/themes
Pinch of Perfect:  Link to ideas for teaching at home

Preschool Themes  This is an updated list by this particular blogger.

Curricular areas/ideas:
Literacy:  letter recognition, letter sounds, writing, listening, speaking, stories, library concepts/"rules", print awareness (books go from left to right, etc.)/how to use a book, rhyming, alphabet/alphabet matching, etc.

Math: Numbers/number recognition, rote counting, skip counting, shapes, patterns, money (very basic), clocks/time (very basic), measurement, calendar concepts, tally counting/tally marks, more/less & greater than/less than, etc.

Colors, Weather, Community workers and jobs, etc.

Reading Rockets  This page gives some good, basic information as to what is appropriate for preschools in regard to literacy topics.

Get Ready To Read Test  Simple 20 question quiz to see what literacy concepts your child knows.
   Activities to build skills after taking the test

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