Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Community Group Banner

This is a quick project I put together for the first night of our Community Group tonight.  I have seen these burlap banners all over the place, and I've always wanted to make a personalized one, but I never knew what to make.  I saw how easy this is to do while at a Pinterest party earlier this year and a lady was painting/stamping lettering on her own project.

All I did was get a yard of burlap (super cheap!), a pack of $3 letter stencils at Walmart, paint, and paintbrushes.  I used some twine and hot glue to assemble.  You will also want something like scrap paper or newspaper to put under the burlap when you're painting, since the paint will go through to the surface underneath.  I forgot about that until I was about 3 triangles into the painting process.

Our church's name is Anchor church and this year our small group ministry has changed names from Home Groups to Community Groups.  With these two bits of information in mind, I wanted to incorporate both ideas into the banner.  I toyed with many different wording ideas, but they were all way too long.  My banner would go across the whole house if I used any of them.  Then, this idea struck here's what we had for our first meeting tonight...

I absolutely love how it came out!  Seeing how easy it was to make, I see myself doing this again for other events, holidays, rainy days, you name it!  This is such an easy project to make and personalize to suit your needs.

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