Monday, April 15, 2013

Thrifty Momma--Where to find a deal.

*I added Summer 2013 deals to the top of the list!

This will be an ongoing list of places to find a deal.  I have tons of bookmarks on my web browser, but when it comes time to find the things I've saved, I can never pinpoint it.  I've decided to put all of my findings/advice in one place and to post it for others to access.  If you know of something that would be great to add to this list, let me know!  I will attempt to keep this as organized as possible.

SUMMER 2013 Deals & Events


  • Shop Aldi!  We get most of our food "staple items" here and I'm always amazed by how much I save.  I do still use the regular grocery store, but Aldi is where I turn to first.
  • Target will often have coupons for many of their store brand items.  Look on their website: Target >> weekly ad >> coupons


  • Looking for a lodging rental? Try  We found a great South Carolina cabin using this website.  Of course you have to be cautious when renting from an unknown person, but this is a good place to start your search. 
  •  LaQunita hotels have been great on road trips for us.  We can stay for under a hundred bucks.  There is no additional pet fee for the dog, we get a free crib for the baby, and breakfast is included.  The locations we've stayed at have always been great.

Kid Stuff

  • Shop resale stores and consignment sales.  I get most of our kid clothes and toys at these places.  This is especially great for toys that will be outgrown relatively fast, for outdoor toys, things you want to try but not pay full price for, and clothes, clothes, clothes!

    Some of the places I turn to:
    Once Upon A Child
    Kid to Kid (my favorite local shop, but check the store locator for one near you)
    * Gwinnett's Kidsignments Sale (one of my favorite local sales!)
    * United Methodist Church preschools nationwide have sales once or twice a year (my local ones:  Cannon UMC, Snellville UMC)
    Tykes, Tots & Teens consignment sale.  Horse Park in Conyers.  I found this one recently and LOVED the checkout process.  It's all computerized so no cutting and counting.  It went way faster than some of the other sale checkout lines.
  • We love Target's Up & Up diapers!  They are cheap and super absorbent.  They've been awesome for us.  They often have online coupons for them, too.

General places and websites for Savings

  • Southern Savers  Despite its name, you don't have to be in the south to enjoy the savings.  "Like" their Facebook page to find out even more.
  • Thrifty NW Mom  Tons of great stuff here!  Again, "like" her Facebook page.
  • YOUR LOCAL PUBLIC LIBRARY!  Not sure if your kid will like a certain book?  Want to find a video on California's coastline?  Want to find one good quinoa recipe?  Looking for a place to take the kids on a rainy day?  I check out tons of cookbooks, children's books, movies, educational DVDs (for me...and my husband), attend children's story time, etc. all at the local library.  Don't forget about this awesome neighborhood resource!
  • Totally Target  So many great Target store deals are posted here.  "Like" the Facebook page to get things in your news feed.

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